GM New Look Bus Diecast Model

GM New Look Bus Diecast Model
GM New Look Bus Diecast Model
GM New Look Bus Diecast Model

GM New Look Bus Diecast Model

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DC Transit was the first agency in North America to begin operating the GM New Look in 1959 with their initial opening order of 75 buses.

They were also the first to feature air-conditioning, 

hence the marketing of Arcticooler on the buses.

Highly detailed 

1:43 scale diecast model based on the GM New Look Bus for DC Transit.

The GM New Look bus, also commonly known by the nickname "Fishbowl" (for its six-piece rounded windshield), is a transit bus introduced in 1959 by the Truck and Coach Division of General Motors and produced until 1986. More than 44,000 New Look buses were built. Its high production figures and long service career made it an iconic North American transit bus.Other than demonstrators, Washington, D.C. was the very first city to take delivery of any GM New Look buses, specifically TDH-5301s built in 1959 for O. Roy Chalk's D.C. Transit System, which operated in Washington, D.C., and the suburbs of Maryland and Virginia. The initial order was for 75 buses. Oscar Roy Chalk was a New York entrepreneur who owned real estate, airlines, bus companies, newspapers and a rail line that hauled bananas in Central America. He purchased the Washington, D.C. transit system on August 15, 1956, for $13.5 million, renaming it DC Transit. In addition to being the first operator of these buses, DC Transit's GM New Look buses were also the first air-conditioned fleet to operate in North America, a welcome relief for riders, especially during the hot Summer months.

This 500 piece limited edition model also features a specially created, General Motors 60th anniversary of the New Look bus logo, mounted on the roof.

Measures 11" long x 3" tall x 2.5" wide

Please note: This is not a toy and is designed for display use only.  

Not suitable for children under 14 years.

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